What Others are Saying

Deb McDuffie - Choral Director "The Ritz Voices"

 "It didn't take me long for me to be able to pick out your students! Your teaching style and quality of excellence was very evident in each and every one of them." 

David G. Fraser - Music Director for Roger Whittaker

Lorna Greenwood has worked with me since 1989, a period of eight years. In that time she has performed to a very high standard as a back up vocalist, featured violinist and duetist with Roger Whittaker. Very quick to learn music either reading or by ear she has sung in a variety of styles in German and English. A very professional artist she has always been punctual, immaculately groomed and performed with style. ...As a seasoned campaigner who knows the road, I recommend her services to anyone. 

T. Shapiro - Student

 "Honestly, I thought that I really had no future in being a good singer. I had plenty of other voice coaches and had read nearly every available book on the subject but it didn't help very much. But, with just a few lessons with you, my ability to utilize my voice was completely revamped." 

A. Israel - Student

"I can honestly say, a GREAT Violinist and a Violin Teacher. I recommend her for Piano/Voice/Violin she is talented!"

K. Sanchez

"Thank you Ms. Lorna Greenwood for giving me the confidence to sing this song and making my voice what it is today."

G. Simonic - Student

"Ms. Lorna is very patient and kind, helpful, she's a wealth of knowledge and has a lot of really great tips. She's sweet and easy to work with. She pushes you and encourages you to be the best you can be. She takes the time to make sure you understand what she's teaching you. She's helped my placement, diction, performance attitude, stage presence, song choices and opportunities to perform. I'm so happy to have met her and train with her."

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K. Gilliard - Student

My vocal instructor, Ms. Lorna Greenwood..is truly my inspiration and mentor..she has inspired me vocally and mentally to follow my dreams. I am so grateful to have a vocal instructor as talented and genuine as Ms.

Reviews of Lorna Greenwood Performances

Roger Whittaker

Lorna Greenwood ... was an integral part of my live concerts from 1989 through 1997 in both North America and Europe. Whether as my duet partner, a backing vocalist or violinist, Lorna not only has received outstanding audience response to her talents but has been an exemplary employee as well. 

Nick Krewen - Journalist for The Spectator Friday, May 19, 1995

The extremely tall Ms. Greenwood also impressed the crowd with her ability to play the fiddle and dance around during Jambalaya while wearing stiletto heels - the only time the spotlight was yanked from under her boss [Roger Whittaker].

Anne Kyle of The Leader-Post Friday, September 8, 1995

Fiddle player and vocalist Lorna Greenwood was a powerhouse in her duet performance of It's So Easy to Fall in Love.

The Nashville Musician VolXII, No. 4 Oct - Dec 1997

Love that logo - and sense of humor - of Local 257 Member Lorna Greenwood, who depicts a giraffe on her business card. Those with elephant memories may remember the statuesque blonde vocalist-violinist on the Opry (with Kathy Shepard) in the then-new Vic Willis Trio. Currently, she is prepping for her umpteenth annual Roger Whittaker Christmas tour, which kicks off in late November. Incidentally, she's the only American spotlighted in the international troupe, which consists of musicians from England, Canada, New Zealand and, of course, South Africa. Lorna, who has traveled with the show since 1989, throughout Europe and across North America, says, "Whittaker tours are always like a big family reunion."

Rick Grant - First Coast Entertainer November, 25, 2000

The highlight of this musical and spoken word lovefest was Lorna Greenwood's astounding artistry. Ms. Greenwood is an accomplished violin virtuoso, who plays all styles. She sings and plays the difficult Indian love flute. Lorna toured with Roger Whittaker's all-star band for nine years, traveling globally, and gaining invaluable stage experience....Whittaker is an international superstar. He has sold over a hundred million record albums, internationally. He has two-hunderd and fifty gold and platinum records, over a long prolific career. He's like Elvis in England and Germany....Since it's not practical for Lorna to bring in live musicians to the La Villa Grille, she recorded her own back up orchestration using a sampling keyboard and computer. And, she play some material made famous by Whittaker. Her love flute playing was haunting. More significantly, Lorna smokes on electric violin, switching styles at will. She even played Charlie Daniels classic fiddle showcase, When the Devil went Down to Georgia. ...She plays everything from Hendrix to classical pieces. Clearly Ms. Greenwood could carry her own show solo. Whittaker is retiring after one last tour, and she reluctantly resigned to build her own career. Meanwhile she teaches at Edward Waters College...and she exudes a natural effervescent beauty.

Herb Steiner - WHOOT - "Harrah's Tall Lorna Greenwood"

Tall--oh so tall is Lorna Greenwood appearing at the Bay Cabaret of Harrah's. But she is, with a tremendous amount of personality, as Lorna stands before her audience and, with her violin, takes you from the popular songs through country airs. Her combo follows the violin like the baton of a conductor. Don't stop, just go on! The audience immediately takes to the way she straddles the stage with the tallness, and slimness, having every eye pointed to her like a focal point. You can't miss seeing this attractive woman on stage carrying you through one song after another...one period tune after another, and the titles roll on and on and on. The pleasing alto voice belts out the numbers with the violin, and instrument of string accompaniment, more than an ornament: Fame, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Another One Bites The Dust, Celebration, She's Out of My Life... Words in the titles, a complete subject matter, but the sounds come forth with the violin strings echoing and billowing along while the musical backup fills in. ...born and bred from the grammar school through to her college days as a music major in the University of New Hampshire...from symphony to the freedom of performing on stage in variety...the best of both worlds, all part of her background. ...From the snowy hills of the White Mountains to the sun belt of Florida...she has traveled through from New Hampshire on the North to California on the West with stops in between in Pittsburgh at the Marriot, or to Key West where she appeared in the show rooms of the Casa Marina. She'll leave Harrah's May 31st to open in Host Farm's in Pennsylvania.