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Do you dream about a career in the music industry?

Get yourself on the road to success with Northeast Florida's premiere First Coast Vocal Coach offering lessons in vocal technique, vocal health, the art of singing contemporary music without damaging your voice, the difference between pop and classical technique, stage performance and performance opportunities, songwriting, artist development, music career counseling in addition to violin, beginning piano and guitar and many more superior services.

The First Coast Vocal Coach - Ms. Lorna Greenwood - specializes in contemporary style singing and can help you increase your range and control while building a healthy instrument. Learn how to transition from classical vocal styles to the sounds of today. Whether you sing Rock, Pop, Jazz, Broadway, Country, Christian or Gospel, you will learn how to get the most out of your instrument with the least amount of effort when studying with this pro who has over forty five years of music industry experience to share to help you be your best and turn your dreams into reality!

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